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#MeToo: Women Who Shot Men in Self Defense

#MeToo: Women Who Shot Men in Self Defense

Published on December 15th, 2018

This book documents over 300 cases of women defending themselves with a gun. Statistics, photos of the women, and full verbatim media accounts.

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Over 1,885 Incidents Recorded!

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Myths Busted

MYTH ONE: People, especially women, are not capable of defending themselves with a gun.

FACT: This sexist stereotype is objectively false. The hundreds of women documented in our recently published book, #MeToo: Women Who Shot Men in Self Defense (Independently published, 2018), clearly were both physically and emotionally able to shoot someone in their self-defense and did.

MYTH TWO: People using a gun in self defense will more likely be killed by the bad guy.

FACT: There was only one example, out of over 1,400 reports, of the bad guy killing the person trying to defend herself.

MYTH THREE: People using a gun in self-defense, if they are not killed outright, will end up accidentally shooting themselves, a family member, or other innocent person.

FACT: Out of over 1,885 records, there were only three instances of an accidental shooting when a gun was used in self-defense. On the contrary, the bad guy usually ended up shot and/or dead.

MYTH FOUR: Anyone shooting another person, even in self-defense, will end up in jail.

FACT: Only one example was found. In virtually every case, law enforcement investigating the shooting ruled it justifiable self-defense and no charges were filed.