When Seconds Matter, the Police Will Be There in Minutes.


Recorded Date: Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Event Date: Thursday, August 7th, 2014
Event Location: Florida
Crime: Home invasion


Victim photo

Name: NJ Logan
Gender: Female
Age: 80
Ethnicity: --
Nationality: --
Weapon: Pistol


Name: Unidentified male
Gender: Male
Age: --
Ethnicity: --
Nationality: --
Weapon: Rock

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911 operator orders 80-year-old grandmother to 'put the gun down' during terrifying home invasion

NJ Logan was lying in bed recovering from hip surgery when she heard a noise outside

She grabbed her gun and went downstairs to investigate

A burglar had smashed a window and cut out the screen door

She called 911 but the dispatcher told her to put her gun away

An 80-year-old Florida woman ended up grabbing her gun that she kept by her armchair and called 911 during a home invasion.

However, while she was on the phone and the burglars were breaking a window to get into her home, the police dispatcher told her to 'put the gun down'.

NJ Logan was recovering from hip replacement surgery in her Holmes Beach home when she heard a commotion coming from outside.

'It is a little frightening. You know that you don’t have the security that you thought you had,' she told FOX Tampa Bay.

It was broad daylight, just around 2:30 in the afternoon and Mrs Logan was all alone in the house because her husband was playing bridge at a friend’s house. 

Instinct took over and she grabbed her gun and called the police.

'Once I realized it wasn’t my husband, you have no idea how fast you can go,' she said. She was surprised at the advice she was being given.

In a police report, officers said the suspect used a large rock to smash the bottom glass out of the door. They then cut out the screen, but NJ was waiting on the other side of the door with her gun.

'When I called 911 she kept saying put the gun down, put the gun down, and I said I’ll put the gun down when I see the police,' Logan told the dispatcher.

'I believe in guns inside your house,' she added. 'I don’t think anybody has the right to break into your private domain.'

She yelled out warnings to whoever was downstairs.

'I didn't want to shoot. I really didn't want to have to shoot anybody,' she said.

Although she managed to deter the burglars on this occasion, Ms Logan says she sleeps better knowing that she has a gun just inches away.

Holmes Beach Police Chief William Tokajer said there have been a few incidents in Mrs Logan's neighborhood.' I think it's a wakeup call to any would-be burglar,' Chief Tokajer said.