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About Us

To Bear Arms is an independent research group collecting data on gun use in America for self protection. We are financed internally by the founder. We have not accepted corporate funding, foundation funding. We do intend to sell the data collected to any academic groups researching gun use for self protection.

Our founder, Robert Hodam, has been an international researcher for the United Nations, World Bank, US Congress, and USAID. Learn more about Robert Hodam by visiting his personal website, www.RobertHodam.com.

To reduce potential bias in data collection we contract with Olivia M Abac as our Senior Data Collection Manager. Olivia is a Filipino citizen who has not been out of her country and has no experience or familiarity with American politics or American Constitutional rights. She collects data online randomly from newspaper reports using keyword searches such as “self defense using a gun”. The entire report is collected in a database verbatim. We do not edit or omit any reports.

#MeToo: Women Who Shot Men in Self Defense

#MeToo: Women Who Shot Men in Self Defense

Published on December 15th, 2018

This book documents over 300 cases of women defending themselves with a gun. Statistics, photos of the women, and full verbatim media accounts.

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