When Seconds Matter, the Police Will Be There in Minutes.

#MeToo: Women Who Shot Men in Self Defense

#MeToo: Women Who Shot Men in Self Defense

Published on December 15th, 2018

This book documents over 300 cases of women defending themselves with a gun. Statistics, photos of the women, and full verbatim media accounts.

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When Seconds Matter

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In November 2015 terrorists attacked the Bataclan Theater in Paris. Many theater goers were murdered. Some people commented that if French laws allowed private ownership of guns for self defense many lives might have been saved. The French Ambassador to the US responded to these comments by saying that defending oneself with a gun doesn't happen in real life, it "only happens in movies."

This website documents that people can and do protect themselves with guns every day in America.

The purpose of this enterprise is to collect data on the use of guns for self defense against, rape, home invasion, carjacking, and robbery. We will be collecting data on gender, ethnicity, type of crime, age, type of gun, data and location of crime.

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Over 1,885 Incidents Recorded!

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Myths Busted

MYTH ONE: People, especially women, are not capable of defending themselves with a gun.

FACT: This sexist stereotype is objectively false. The hundreds of women documented in our recently published book, #MeToo: Women Who Shot Men in Self Defense (Independently published, 2018), clearly were both physically and emotionally able to shoot someone in their self-defense and did.

MYTH TWO: People using a gun in self defense will more likely be killed by the bad guy.

FACT: There was only one example, out of over 1,400 reports, of the bad guy killing the person trying to defend herself.

MYTH THREE: People using a gun in self-defense, if they are not killed outright, will end up accidentally shooting themselves, a family member, or other innocent person.

FACT: Out of over 1,885 records, there were only three instances of an accidental shooting when a gun was used in self-defense. On the contrary, the bad guy usually ended up shot and/or dead.

MYTH FOUR: Anyone shooting another person, even in self-defense, will end up in jail.

FACT: Only one example was found. In virtually every case, law enforcement investigating the shooting ruled it justifiable self-defense and no charges were filed.